Victor Cobo – Remember When You Loved Me

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When I was four years old my parents went through a torturous divorce. My father had been using all manner of drugs and was an acute alcoholic. The relationship had been abusive, often to the point of serious violence, and finally my mother had no choice but to flee with me. Eventually my father sobered up and retreated back home to a remote area of the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky. Sadly, he is now so sick and delusional that he thinks nothing is wrong with him, that all the world’s evil and malice lie outside of him. He is a bitter and eccentric recluse.

Finding the Noir Without Looking

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The pictures suggest a murder mystery, or at least a thickening plot. But the truth is far more innocent. These photographs were taken by Jason Langer, who lives in Portland, Ore., when he was visiting friends in New York City.

Working in the free world

I’m not entirely sure that Jack realizes the irony of being paid to write an article that extols the virtues of working for free. I guess if he REALLY believed what he was writing he’d have been prepared to write it for nothing.

Understanding Images

Our relationship with the camera, the lens and the image is evolving. The static stance of capturing a moment in a photograph is still there, but this is rapidly changing. With the help of new emerging technologies, photography is becoming ubiquitous and pervasive

This Photographer (& Her Copyright) Is About to Pay It Forward

Yunghi Kim, decorated photojournalist and 20 year member of Contact Press Images, is bringing more than turkey to Thanksgiving this year. In an email to me, she announced that she is donating $10,000 to create ten one-time grants of $1,000 with money that she has received “from fees recovered from unauthorized use of my work.”

Images From the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

The 2016 Sony World Photography Awards are now taking entries, and the organizers have been kind enough to share some of their early entries with us, gathered below. Last year’s competition attracted over 173,000 entries from 171 countries

Steve McCurry photographs of the American South featured in Paul Theroux’s book, Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads.

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Throughout his storied photojournalism career, Steve McCurry has traveled extensively on most of the world’s continents, but besides the occasional trips to visit his grandparents in South Carolina as a boy, he hadn’t seen much of the American South. That changed two years ago when the writer Paul Theroux told him he was writing a book on the region and invited him to come along.

Islam, Beyond the Stereotypes

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When Munem Wasif was offered a gallery exhibit to coincide with Paris Photo earlier this month, he chose to show “In God We Trust,” his personal project on Islam in Bangladesh and his family’s relationship to it. Although he was uncertain how people would respond to the exhibit, he felt that after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January in Paris that it was important to encourage people to think about Muslims in ways that did not play into stereotypes.

Who Wins in Photo Contests?

To further a discussion about the role of contests, Lens asked several photographers and contest administrators for their thoughts.

Kourtney Roy : Enter as fiction

Enter as fiction 14 ©Kourtney Roy

By traversing Route 66 – the Mother Road, as it is known in America – she captures the forgotten landscape of mythic America: “If you go to the West, take my way…”, as sung by Nat King Cole. This is the West that stirs up our nostalgia for the “road” of Easy Rider, Thelma and Louise and Baghdad Café.

Scot Sothern : Sad City

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Best known for Lowlife, images and stories of street prostitutes in Los Angeles, Scot Sothern is inextricably bound to the street. Sad City a new photography series from Scot, made while riding shotgun through the streets of Los Angeles