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Until LaToya Ruby Frazier got hold of a disposable camera in high school, her great passion was drawing and water color. In the shadow of the Edgar Thomson Steelworks, Frazier began to take photographs

HSBC Prize for Photography 2016 : Interview with Christian Vium


The 21st edition of the HSBC Prize for Photography, for which Diane Dufour is the  artistic advisor this year, was won by Christian Vium and Marta Zgierska. Christian is a 35-year old Danish photographer. The series that was proposed is an anthropological study of Nouakchott, capital of Mauritania, provisorily entitled The Nomadic City.

HSBC Prize for Photography 2016 : Interview with Marta Zgierska


The 21st edition of the HSBC Prize for Photography,for which  Diane Dufour is artistic advisor, was won by Marta Zgierska and Christian Vium. Marta is a young Polish photographer, 28 years old.  For her entry, she presented her series Post created following a serious road accident that happened in 2013.

The Environmental Legacy of the Steel City

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The photographer Lynn Johnson grew up in Pittsburgh, a city famed for its industry and attendant air pollution. She still recalls how her father would take a spare white shirt to work every day, as his collar would become discolored by noon. While the Steel City has given way to more tech-driven jobs, in the 21st century its air quality still ranks among the worst in the country, according to the American Lung Association.

Waiting for the gate to open

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Bab-al Salama frontier post, Syria, February 9, 2016 — These people, they know how to run. They’ve been running for the past five years and now it’s time to run again. So they’ve picked up and they’ve run. And now they’re just waiting for the gate to open.

Carl Corey’s series, “Americaville.”

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The United States may be immense and immensely diverse, but in Carl Corey’s ongoing series, “Americaville,” disparate pockets of the country seem to coalesce around the same bizarre aesthetic, like they’re neighborhoods in one big, weird town. 

Mute Witnesses: Pentagon Releases Detainee Abuse Photographs

Photos previously certified under the Protected National Security Documents Act of 2009 Redacted Page 124

what’s most noticeable about these photographs is the mute banality of so many of them. They feel very much as if they’ve been selected for how little they show and say. In many cases there is little or no visible trace of the injury that is apparently being documented, in others it looks as if there is no injury being recorded at all, and what has been released are in fact grab shots taken at other stages of the detainment process, for example on initial arrest. Almost all of the photographs are rescans of bad print outs, and have been copied or reproduced so many times that there is little information which can be gleaned from them

From an Iowa Caucus Photography Workshop

When we heard documentary photographer Jeff Jacobson was giving workshops during the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, we were intrigued. Since the images that are produced at workshops are not often made at public events and otherwise rarely seen, I felt our Originals section, would be the perfect space to publish the images and thoughts of the participants.

NPPA president and student representative to the board address student membership problems

“Promoting the Visual Student Blog and starting up the Student Clips Contest, both of which are happening, is a draw for students,” said Selby, whose presence on the board serves as a voice for student members. “Also just letting students know what resources the NPPA has is important. There are so many helpful links on a variety of topics on the NPPA site that some students just don’t know about.”

When Giant Teddy Bears Roamed the Streets of Nazi Germany


Art collector Jean-Marie Donat’s affaire-de-coeur with TeddyBär began three decades ago when he stumbled across the very first snapshot picturing the mammoth wooly creature traipsing down the streets over Berlin. Over the last twenty years, the Frenchman has committed himself in earnest to tracking down TeddyBär in his many incarnations, discovering dozens of men who from the 1920s until the 1970s, donned bewhiskered polar bear suit in hopes of earning a buck (or indeed a Reichsmark) by posing with tourists and passersby.