The Little-Seen World of Demolition Derbies

The shirtless, sweating men splayed across and against car hoods and dashboards in Derby convey a sense of bonded brotherhood and physical intimacy.

Ken Graves and Eva Lipman expose the surprisingly tender and at times erotically charged moments that happen before and after impact, when human and machine bodies come into close contact.

More on Consent

There obviously is a topic here that extends beyond this particular case in question. Last year, I wrote an article about consent that focused on what I see as photographers’ obligations. It might be worthwhile, though, to approach the subject matter from the other side: from the vantage point of those find themselves on the other side of the camera.
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Spirit: Focus on Indigenous Art, Artists, and Issues: Brian Adams - LENSCRATCH

A year ago, Spirit: Focus on Indigenous, Art, Artists and Issues, was launched featuring artists Will Wilson, Shelley Niro, Meryl McMaster, Kiliii Yuyan, Donna Garcia, Pat Kane, Jeremy Dennis, and the collaboration of Kali Spitzer and Bubzee. The objectiv

I AM INUIT is a project that seeks to connect the world with Alaskan Inuit (Inupiat, Yup’ik, Cup’ik and St. Lawrence Island Yupik) and the Arctic, through common humanity. In 2015, Brian Adams and The Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska teamed up to visit 20 Inuit villages in Alaska resulting in the book I AM INUIT (Benteli) and an international traveling exhibition with the Anchorage Museum.

The Afghan War: A Photographer’s Journal

The Times photographer Tyler Hicks, who chronicled the 20-year war, captured American troops in battle, the deaths of civilians, schoolgirls in class and the struggles of ordinary Afghans to survive.

One of the first things the New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks witnessed after arriving in Afghanistan in late 2001, soon after U.S. airstrikes on Oct. 7 opened the invasion, was the execution of a wounded Taliban fighter. The scene shocked him, upending everything he thought he knew about war and about the Afghan Northern Alliance — the U.S.-aligned fighters who had been his guides and protectors, and the Talib’s killers.

Magnum announces new Nominees, Associate and Member at its 74th AGM in Paris | Magnum Photos Magnum Photos

“It feels amazing, humbling, exciting and huge to think that I have been nominated by Magnum photographers, who have been among my favorite photographers since I started taking pictures. It also feels right to contribute with my point of view, as a documentarist and as an Arab woman,” says Boulos of her nomination. “I hope that the future holds, for me, many encounters, collaborations and new ways of documenting, questioning and resisting the world we live in.”