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Talking Pictures #7 Kenneth Jarecke talks with Karen Mullarkey, the legendary picture editor. – YouTube

Kenneth Jarecke talks with legendary picture editor Karen Mullarkey about her time at Life Magazine, Rolling Stone and Newsweek (among others) and working with photographers such as Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz and Arthur Grace (among others).


Talking photojournalism with Burnett & Jarecke

The photographs I was searching for were documentary but rest ambiguous and inconclusive at the same time. I was not trying to make a final statement. The images come from heart and mind alike. They are wrought from strong convictions shaped by my own experience of living in the midst of a sometimes deceitfully familiar America – a very personal departure point to explore a very public subject. There was no common language for the confusions and fears triggered by 9/11, the ongoing wars and a crumbling economy. It was my ambition to give this America a face, to create a document, a visual commentary on the state of the nation


Mostly True: The Cover That Never Was

David Burnett and I were comissioned by a high-profile magazine to make a cover image of Michael Phelps. Actually it was David who they wanted. David to his credit and as a testimont to his experience suggested that both of us do the shoot at the same time. It was a pretty smart and somewhat bold idea. Two sets of eyes, two brains working togeather to make the most out of the five minutes that we’d (hopefully) get.

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