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American photographer Stanley Greene dies in Paris – The Eye of Photography

Photographer Andrea Bruce, a fellow member of NOOR, describes Greene as “a poet.” “His rage at injustices equaled his love for his friends, for photography and its power,” Bruce says. “That is the hardest thing to explain: his pure love for others, as if he was balancing the hatred he found in war.”


Stanley Greene: Front Man « The Leica Camera

From punk concerts to tank trenches, the photographer Stanley Greene reveals his great versatility. Issue No. 2 of the M Magazine presented images he took in San Francisco in the early eighties; with his camera on hand, he threw himself into the excesses of the party scene, getting carried away by sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. LFI 7/2015 published a series he took in Oakland, documenting his encounters with whores, gangsters, dealers, and people with only one aim in mind: to get off the streets. He talks about change, music and the meaning of feedback.


western front by stanley greene

But in San Francisco, it was particular. It was called “Art and Music” The Mutants, The Dills, Flipper, Crime, SVT, The Yanks, Tuxedo Moon, The Tubes, Los Lobos, The Avengers, Dead Kennedys and Romeo Void, U2. Many of them were students at the San Francisco Art Institute. Members of The Mutants and Romeo Void of course..Chris Isaac of Silver Tones too and Bonnie Hayes & The Wild Bunch – Bonnie Hayes was one of the coolest girls in the punk scene. I was surrounded by these rock bands, both punks and artists. Suddenly these groups wanted images. They call me and say: “Stanley, I know you have pictures, you know, this magazine wants to do an article on us, etc.” And without realizing it, I became a professional photographer while still an art student….”


Stanley Greene: Putin’s Russia

It starts with her pregnant with twins and concludes when they are 8 years old – a moment when Caruccci saw a change and a growing independence in her children. The intimacy and sensuality for which she has become so well known is amplified and, as she says in her introduction, she has never seen so much as she does as a mother. Her gaze has certainly become more intense, and her actions stronger, as she hugs, dresses, holds, licks, pulls, feeds, caresses and cares for her children.


Les Russie(s): Stanley Greene and Yuri Kozyrev

From Stanley Greene’s “Red October”, a post-cold war period dating back to 1993 to the tragic events of Bezlan in September, 2004, photographed by Yuri Kozyrev, the exhibition also demonstrates the different subjects covered by these photographers, otherwise known for their coverage of conflict