What Happened to Ukraine’s 5,500 Lenin Statues? – The New York Times

When the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Ukraine’s Bessarabska Square started coming down on Dec. 8, 2013, Swiss photographer Niels Ackermann was watching it on television at a pizzeria less than a mile away. He left his food and raced to the scene.

Sex, Drugs and Destitution Captured in One Vancouver Alley | Time.com

Waldy Martens never intended to begin the documentary project from which the photos above are taken. As a commercial and editorial photographer, Martens was simply using his camera to deal with a problem that confronted him daily after he first moved in 2011 to an apartment and studio in downtown Vancouver. Voices from the alleyway could be heard at all times of night and throughout the day, and he quickly realized he was living next to a popular hangout for drug users, prostitutes and dumpster divers. He grew frustrated with the trail of needles, garbage and feces they often left behind. He started opening the window to his second-story studio and taking pictures, using the sound of the shutter to shoo away the people below.

Proof-of-concept camera encrypts images with GPG / Boing Boing

W Aaron Waychoff, creator of the Falsom Upside-Down ⊥ “Resist” campaign, was inspired by this 2016 post; he writes, “I’ve made a proof-of-concept encrypting digital camera based on the open source, widely adoped GnuPG. This project uses public key encryption to encrypt every photo the camera takes before writing the encrypted version to memory. Of particular note, there are absolutely no UI changes over what an ordinary point-and-shoot camera provides. No extra keyboards or touch screens are needed as no passwords need be entered.”

This Is What Dinnertime Looks Like in Different Households – Feature Shoot

“I’m super nosy about people’s habits,” Milwaukee photographer Lois Bielefeld admits. “I’ve always craved going into people’s homes- it’s inspiring, curious. It gives so many sometimes subtle and sometimes blatant insights about someone.”

Photos show life along the polluted Ganges River in India – The Washington Post

Reuters photographer Danish Siddiqui traveled along the sprawling course of the Ganges, exploring the conditions that have led some people to say that the storied river is dying. Here’s some of what he saw.

LENSCRATCH Student Prize Honorable Mention Winner: Emanuele Amighetti | LENSCRATCH

I am very pleased to feature our next honorable mention whose work highlights an important world issue. Emanuele Amighetti‘s photojournalistic photographs remind his viewers of a world mostly unseen, that of oversees wars. These strong dynamic images represent a place caught between hostility, border issues and loss. Amighetti’s photographs show the life of people who have been displaced through the tragedies of war for over two decades.

AWAKEN – Tom Lowe’s new feature doc showcases mindblowing new timelapse techniques – Newsshooter

Tom Lowe has been very busy over the last five years filming his new project “AWAKEN.” The film, which is a celebration of the spirit of life, an exploration of the Earth, and an ode to the Cosmos, was filmed in more than than 30 countries.

Research Blog: Using Deep Learning to Create Professional-Level Photographs

To explore how ML can learn subjective concepts, we introduce an experimental deep-learning system for artistic content creation. It mimics the workflow of a professional photographer, roaming landscape panoramas from Google Street View and searching for the best composition, then carrying out various postprocessing operations to create an aesthetically pleasing image. Our virtual photographer “travelled” ~40,000 panoramas in areas like Alps, Banff and Jasper National Parks, big sur in California, and Yellowstone National Park, returned with creations that are quite impressive, some even approaching professional quality — as judged by professional photographers.

Scientists have inserted a GIF of a horse into living bacteria — did your brain just explode? | TechCrunch

It’s a weird idea, but scientists have actually been using the genetic wondertool known as CRISPR or “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats” for data storage parlor tricks for some time.

LENSCRATCH Student Prize Honorable Mention Winner: Jordan Gale | LENSCRATCH

Congratulations to Jordan Gale, a student at the University of Iowa, for his Honorable Mention in the 2017 Lenscratch Student Awards. We were drawn to Jordan’s ability to be a participant observer storyteller, taking on the difficult task of looking at his past, his family and community with insight, compassion, and as a form of therapy. Poverty and  drug abuse affect whole swaths of the population and it’s an important subject to confront and consider, no matter how personal. Most importantly, it was Jordan’s ability to take a hard look at his growing up and accept and appreciate it for all it’s foibles and failings, that made this project so powerful.

The Nebulous Passage Into Womanhood – The New York Times

For many people, the moment that marks the onset of adulthood can be difficult to pinpoint. The milestone is seldom clear immediately or neatly, and many of us simply come to a point where we realize we are living in adulthood, yet wondering when we actually crossed into it.

This was on Charmaine Poh‘s mind when she found some family photo albums and looked back at images of her grandmother, aunts and other women in her family.

What My Camera Saw as My Parents Died of Cancer

When my dad told my husband and me that he and my mom wanted to come into Manhattan for dinner, I was excited to see them and quickly made a plan for an 8 p.m. dinner at Café Orlin — my favorite for Middle Eastern food. As soon as we sat down, I knew something was very wrong.

Photos of a Changing Landscape, Inspired by the Western Meadowlark – Feature Shoot

In 1994, MTV’s Karen Duffy made the trip to the least-visited state in America, a snow-covered North Dakota, to find answers. When she asked then-governor about his home, he responded, “Well, I think the best reason to visit North Dakota is you can still get lost here.” He paused before adding, “Not necessarily lost on a map, but you can really get lost mentally here.”

2017 Audubon Photography Awards – The Atlantic

The winners of the the eighth annual Audubon Photography Awards competition have just been announced.  Photographers entered images in three categories: professional, amateur, and youth. More than 5,500 images depicting birdlife from 49 states and eight Canadian provinces, were judged. The National Audubon Society was once more kind enough to share some of this year’s winners and runners-up with us below. To view even more great bird photography, you can also see the top 100 entries at  the Audubon website.

Karim El Maktafi – Hayati « burn magazine

Hayati (“my life” in Arabic) is a visual journal realized exclusively with a smartphone. Hayati reflects on my identity as a second-generation Italian. Son of immigrants, born and raised in Italy, balance between two realities that at first sight might seem incompatible. To produce this story, I became both its subject and its object. I was born in Desenzano del Garda, a village near Brescia, Italy, from Moroccan parents. Growing up between two worlds forced me to sharpen my gaze and to compare these perspectives which often diverge from each other. Embracing a single identity is not easy; feeling out of place or like an odd cultural hybrid often happens. Yet, while trying to define this identity, one understands the privilege of “standing on a doorstep” at the edge of two environments. One can decide who to be, where to belong, or to create new ties, while keeping alive the experiences learnt along the path. One must learn to juggle multiple languages, cultural taboos, references, prohibitions, and learn to teach those who are not also standing on the doorstep. I had to travel inside my own life and family. I faced doubts, hesitations and afterthoughts, but I realized an honest portrait of how I have lived until today. The most interesting aspect of this story — of my story — is the creation of a less restricted reality. One that is undefined, in which various beliefs and experiences thrive and form a unique harmony. Hayati was made between Italy and Morocco during a year-long scholarship at Fabrica, Benetton Group’s communication research centre based in Treviso, Italy.

Court Refuses to Dismiss Photojournalist’s Complaint Against Clothing Company for DMCA Violation

Photojournalist Matilde Gattoni filed a lawsuit against the clothing company Tibi on the grounds of copyright infringement and violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Gattoni alleged that Tibi had posted part of one of her photographs on its Instagram page along with the caption “Palette” and a camera emoji, and also tagged her Instagram handle without her permission (side by side comparison below, with Gattoni’s original photo on the left). 

51 Times That the Aggregator Distractify Says Its Copyright Was Violated – The New York Times

“It’s just a bit rich for Distractify to be claiming 22 Words is ripping off its content when we know at least some of its content is the work of others that they’ve essentially ripped off,” he said.