Those Natty Ole Reporters

There is a sense that everyone with a Press badge is a target, someone who is obviously unfriendly to the candidate (to the -elect…) and yet there seems to be no comprehension that before there was a 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, there was a 1st Amendment. 

The Golden Era of New York Street Protests

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Before social media gave everyone a soapbox, the years from 1980 to 2000 were a golden age for New Yorkers taking to the streets to make their voices heard on issues like abortion rights, AIDS research, gentrification, killings by police officers and the first Gulf War.

WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages

Privacy campaigners said the vulnerability is a “huge threat to freedom of speech” and warned it can be used by government agencies to snoop on users who believe their messages to be secure. WhatsApp has made privacy and security a primary selling point, and has become a go to communications tool of activists, dissidents and diplomats.

Celebrating home, one frame at a time

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When I was 13, in 1981, I immigrated to the United States with my parents and sister from Peru. Since that time the D.C. area has been my home. In many ways, I’ve lived a hybrid life based on values, traditions and experiences of two countries, which is nothing unusual for immigrants. But as I’ve gotten older, and the reality that I have lived in Washington for about three-fourths of my life has set in, I have become more nostalgic for Peru — family, food, friends, traditions.

Andreas Gursky, The best of times


There is a Gursky quote “My photographs are ‘not abstract’. Ultimately they are always identifiable. Photography in general simply cannot disengage from the object”, and it seems just right.  His recent “Les Meés” (2016), solar panels pieced into easy, rolling hills of rigid black and white rectangles, a carpet of dominoes, a truly romantic contemporary landscape, with the black and white offset by the green grass and the lightly colored sky.

Changsha, by Rian Dundon

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“At first, when I didn’t speak the language, I would hang out in pool halls and practice counting balls in Chinese. I couldn’t hold a conversation but I knew how to play and I knew how to smoke cigarettes. Later my Mandarin came and I could go to dinner with people or hit the karaoke clubs. Mr. Tian was a whiskey wholesaler and one of our first friends. His brother owned The Red East — a popular nightclub and karaoke house in Jishou where I got my first taste of provincial nightlife.

Who Is Telling Africa’s Stories?

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Mr. Akinleye, who has spent the past decade covering West Africa for Reuters, said as digital cameras have become more accessible, he has seen a surge in the number of local photographers in the field. But better equipment hasn’t necessarily equated to more opportunities for aspiring photojournalists

‘Caracas by day torments and by night terrifies’

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I’m not religious, but I pray. Somehow just taking photos isn’t enough. I feel the need to try to help that poor kid find some peace, even though I’d never met him. For the first time, I cry while I am photographing, and for the first time, the camera isn’t a shield. I don’t want it to be a shield.

Iraqi Kurdistan, Caught Between Worlds

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The pictures by the American photographer Sebastian Meyer, who documented Iraqi Kurdistan between 2008 and 2016, capture the region’s contrasts, which often exist side by side. Drive around Iraqi Kurdistan today and you might find, on this side of the road, workers manning a high-tech oil pipeline, which pumps crude north into Turkey and on to the Mediterranean; on the other side, a group of farmers taking a break, setting down their scythes in a scene that looks as old as a century

No End In Sight

British journalist John Cantlie has been a prisoner of ISIS for more than four years. Throughout his captivity, he’s been forced to act as a sort of warped foreign correspondent, extolling the virtues of the group in propaganda videos. With every appearance, he looks weaker and gaunter. In this special hour, we consider how Cantlie’s plight is a window into the challenges of reporting on Syria, and why the world’s tangled policy on hostages means that some live to tell the tale, and others don’t. 

How much of a Chicago brutality video should be shown? The media don’t agree

It seems like centuries ago that, for example, media agonized over the video of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl being savagely murdered by Pakistani terrorists. Most didn’t run the video. That was way back when, in 2002.

Now, with Facebook, the “well, it’s already out there on social media, we can’t ignore it” rationalization often takes hold. Thus, there were a great many folks who used portions of the video.

Iconic Photos from San Francisco’s 70s Punk Scene

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the Bay Area photographer is sharing a collection of images of San Francisco’s punk scene in the 1970s he took while in grad school. The energy Jang captures within his subjects mirrors the blaring music that accompanied the scenes his photos depict