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The after image – Thoughts of a Bohemian

We are far past the few daily images we saw who were either made to inform or to communicate a brand message. Images that either reflected an existing or depicted a yearned reality. Today, it’s a blur between the two. And only when a photograph challenges our beliefs do we questioned them. Otherwise, it is all the same: An endless flow of unrelated content where images of real violence are jumbled with vacation landscapes and occasional reminders. Photos of our presidents are mixed with those of our cousins, handbags or miracle gadgets, images of floods and devastation appear before ( or after) cute cats, more handbags and some street demonstrations. An endless scroll of content that leaves us unfulfilled enough to keep us scrolling down, endlessly, expecting one will act as a period, making us stop and put down our phones. But that image never appears.

Photographers on Photographers: Denise Orlin and Laura Husar Garcia | LENSCRATCH

This month, we feature our annual August project, Photographers on Photographers, where visual artists interview colleagues they admire. Thank you to all who have participated for their time, energies and for efforts. Today we are happy to share this interview with Denise Orlin’s interview with Laura Husar Garcia. – Aline Smithson and Brennan Booker

A personal journey through modern Iraqi Kurdistan

Photojournalist Sebastian Meyer weaves his documentary photography of a conflicted region with his own heartbreaking journey of friendship and loss.

Juxtapoz Magazine – Marco Marzocchi Reevaluates His Whole Family History in New Book

Marco Marzocchi’s photography is the search for people, atmospheres and places of the past that mix with the present in order to define it and make sense of it. It is beauty in everyday simplicity and in those small details that hide joy, fear, or pain, elements that combine like in a poem. His work alternates impulsiveness and rationality, both in shooting and editing. But nothing is casual. Everything is traced back to a narrative that is both introspective and open to the outside world. A succession of questions and answers and yet more questions, to give meaning to deep dynamics, to facts from the past, to love, to photography itself.

Photographers on Photographers: Shawn Bush on Drew Nikonowicz | LENSCRATCH

Drew Nikonowicz’s stunning body of work and recent book by Yoffy Press & FW:Books This World and Others Like It plays off the ideation of exploration within the 21st century landscape.  As an artist that has lived their entire life with access to worlds outside of his own via the internet and subsequent media, Nikonowicz carefully navigates the relationship between 19th century survey photographs created by photographers like Timothy H. O’Sullivan and Bierstadt Brothers, along with current methods of constructing realities though two-dimensional imagery.  In This world and Others Like It, Drew employs multiple methods of image making, juxtaposing digital constructions and large format black and white photographs as a means of questioning how humans interact with images, along with the process of creating and interpreting a photographic image as some form of reality.  The images that make up the work and book place viewers into a world that feels both familiar and foreign, forcing one to question truth and its relationship to actuality.

Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 2 August 2019 – Photojournalism Now

There’s been discussion on Facebook recently about the value of photography awards versus other means of promoting photography such as books. Criticism has been laid that photography awards that charge an entry fee are money-grabbers. That may be true of big international awards that attract thousands of entries by promising global exposure for a select few. The odds in these competitions are like a crapshoot, ridiculously slim.

We spoke to one of the internet’s most famous Photoshop provocateurs – Feature Shoot

Since Feature Shoot’s inception back in 2008, we’ve managed to showcase some of the best photographers on the planet. But of all the talented people we’ve had the pleasure to interview, only one has been able to capture Kurt Cobain’s secret pet Gremlin, exposed that Elvis is still alive, and witnessed the moment when Pablo Escobar met Mr. Rogers. We present Vemix, the digital artist that’s taking the world by storm.

Margeaux Walter – Believe Me « burn magazine

As I navigate a world of surveillance cameras, drones, social media, “smart” phones, and facial recognition software, I find myself in a constant struggle with both visibility and invisibility. Anonymity is becoming harder, yet so is being seen. “Believe Me,” a title inspired by Trump’s most frequently used two-word phrase, is a series of photographs resembling surveillance images that one might find in Google Earth.

Scenes from A Pivotal Era in the Gentrification of Miami Beach – Feature Shoot

British photographer and filmmaker Barry Lewis was in the mix, documenting the early years of gentrification in his new book Miami Beach 1988-1995 (Hoxton Mini Press). His photographs bring us back to a pivotal time in the city’s history, when the power brokers were able to capitalize on a community profoundly devastated, and begin to erase them from what little they were able to retain.

2019 Lenscratch Student Prize: Honorable Mention: Nick Drain | LENSCRATCH

It is with great excitement that we honor Nick Drain, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, BFA – 2020, with an Honorable Mention in the 2019 Lenscratch Student Awards. Thank you to our jurors Aline Smithson, Brennan Booker, Daniel George, Julia Bennett, Drew Nikonowicz, Sarah Stankey and Shawn Bush.

The great collapse of copyright – Thoughts of a Bohemian

One of the foundations of photo agencies is to provide its customers with safe, secure, properly vetted visual content. In exchange for a fee, clients of photo agencies are offered images they can use in full blissful confidence. Or so you thought.

Attorney Explains How Gigi Hadid Got Her Copyright Lawsuit Dismissed

Earlier this week, supermodel Gigi Hadid‘s lawyers successfully got a copyright case against her dismissed despite the fact that most people thought this was a clear cut case of infringement. The important question for photographers now is: how did her lawyers manage to pull this off?

Sony Unveils RX100 VII with 90fps Bursts and a9-Level AF Performance

Sony has just unveiled the RX100 Mark VII, and the latest iteration of their popular, powerful point-and-shoot camera is a veritable speed demon. Thanks to a new sensor, the RX100 VII can shoot at 20fps with no blackout and full AF/AE, can perform 90fps bursts with AF/AE locked, and promises Sony a9 level autofocus performance.

Manmade Patterns and Uncanny Shadows Photographed From Above by JP and Mike Andrews | Colossal

U.K.-based brothers JP and Mike Andrews began taking aerial photographs of the Earth after a year-long trip experiencing the incredible landscapes found in the Australian Outback. Using a drone, the pair have continued to capture natural and manmade scenes across the world, stumbling upon unique patterns that can only be discerned from above. JP and Mike are attracted to sights that exemplify how “weird and wonderful the world can look from above,” such as the shadow from a cargo ship imitating the shape of a city skyline, or a loaded parking lot creating a dense fabric of interlocking lines.

2019 Lenscratch Student Prize: Third Place: Reuben Radding | LENSCRATCH

It is with great excitement that we honor Reuben Radding, Goddard College, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts – 2019,  with Third Place in the 2019 Lenscratch Student Awards. As the winner, he will receive a mini exhibition on the Curated Fridge, a Lenscratch T-Shirt and tote, and today’s feature on Lenscratch. Thank you to our sponsors and to our jurors Aline Smithson, Brennan Booker, Daniel George, Julia Bennett, Drew Nikonowicz, Sarah Stankey and Shawn Bush.

Hubert Barre – Le Quartier St. Antoine « burn magazine

Ah matočka, they are really poor! And what a mess! But it is hardly surprising: the whole family lives in a single room, divided by small screens, for their decency.

Leica Camera USA announces Leica Women Foto Project (giving away $10K and Leica Q2 camera to three female photographers) – Leica Rumors

Leica Camera USA announces the Leica Women Foto Project – a platform designed to support diversity and inclusion in photography through ongoing programs and a new photography award. The award calls for photographers looking to pursue a long-term project to submit entries beginning today, July 22nd. The three recipients of the award will be announced on October 16th. Each will receive a cash price of $10,000 to be used exclusively on a long-term photo project, in addition to a one year loan of a Leica Q2, which will be passed down to the next generation of winners, as well as a replacement camera to permanently add to their photography kits.

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