Why Photographs Don’t Stop the War

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The question naturally becomes, what’s wrong with us?  The usual suspects are trotted out: bigotry, social media, and compassion fatigue not least among them.  Well, sure, all of those factors could be in play, but once again photography is being framed.

A Hidden American Anger

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Just over a decade ago, Matt Eich started photographing rural Ohio. Largely inhabited by what is now known as the “Forgotten Class” of white, blue-collar workers, Eich found himself drawn to the proud but economically abandoned small towns of Appalachia

Hunt’s Three Ring Circus, American Groups Before 1950

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Even as I gathered this material I had a certain disdain for it.  There is another major photo collection I was truly obsessed with; these group pictures were, literally, the step child curiosities I was shoving under the bed.  I felt like I was saving it from the cultural dumpsters – real and imagined. It wasn’t until it occurred to me that I had the makings for an exhibition that I really looked at what I had.

The Best Photography Books of the Year: 2016

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2016 was an undeniably tumultuous year for the world, which has translated into a strong year for photo books. In time for the holidays we present the best new offerings, as well as highlights from our 2016 roundups in spring, summer, and fall.

These photos show why migrants desperately want out of Costa Rica

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In September, about 2,000 people were packed together in a refugee camp in Peñas Blancas, Costa Rica, a town sharing a border with Nicaragua. They were living in tents doing what they could to survive, hoping to get to the next destination along a burgeoning path of migration moving into North America. It is a scene like many all over the world. Except this time, the dust-caked camp has materialized in a country not often associated with migration. The Washington Post’s Michael Robinson Chavez was there to witness the scene.

A Photographer’s Courage at the Frontline in Syria

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While documenting a war-torn Syria, photojournalist Nish Nalbandian has seen countless buildings perforated by bullet holes. He’s seen rockets illuminating the night sky. He’s also encountered body parts— limbs and torsos blown off by artillery shells.

Half a Life Ago….

Sometimes it can be something as prosaic as a phone line being cut.  You just cannot always know what it means, so you grab you camera, and try to figure it the hell out.  When you see the small crowd outside the cathedral, with candle-lanterns trying to shed a bit of light in the oncoming night, make a few frames.  You just never know

50 Nifty Reasons to Love Photography in 2016

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This year, we saw iconic photos, more selfies than you could shake a stick at, and video portraits. We questioned the portrayal of felons, watched giants fall, and tried to make sense of live violence. But as in years past, all the photos and the stories behind them represented the gamut of human emotion and experience.