David Arribas González – Scars / Cicatrices « burn magazine

Spain is one of the few countries where the hunting with greyhounds is a legal activity. What was a way of survival for the familiar core in rural areas, now (when it is not a vital activity anymore) has been reinvented and turned into a sport, preserving is practice into the traditional culture of the country.

Interview with Joel Meyerowitz: Where I Find Myself | LENSCRATCH

“Joel Meyerowitz: Where I Find Myself, published by Laurence King in March 2018 is the first major single book retrospective of one of the world’s most influential photographers, Joel Meyerowitz. This timely new book, published to coincide with the photographer’s 80th birthday, spans Meyerowitz’s whole career in reverse chronological order, including his harrowing coverage of Ground Zero and his iconic street photography work.” (From the book press release)

Rena Effendi Wins $20K Alexia 2018 Professional Grant | PDNPulse

Photographer Rena Effendi has won the $20,000 Alexia 2018 Professional Grant to support her “Spirit Lake” project, the Alexia Foundation announced today. Effendi’s project examines the effects of trauma from recurrent sexual abuse at the Spirit Lake reservation in North Dakota, and community efforts to help victims through traditional healing.

Who Was That Masked Man? A Wrestling Priest – The New York Times

“What I saw was a love for the lucha,” said Seila Montes, a Spanish photographer based in Mexico who spent more than two years photographing the masked men (and women) outside the ring. “They’re not doing it for the money. The ones I photographed were not famous, and they only earned a little. But they transformed when they put on their mask and costume. That’s when the actor and showman comes out.”

The Stories That Keep Them Going: 5 Photojournalists Share Their Most Powerful Moments – PhotoShelter Blog

We usually think of first responders as medical and emergency personnel, but we forget that photojournalists are often some of the first witnesses to a crisis. From grieving with a widow to being one of the first faces a refugee sees on dry land, a photojournalist’s job is anything but predictable. But not every scene they capture is full of hardship. We asked five documentary photographers and photojournalists to share some of the stories that they’ll remember forever.

Conflicting Interests: The Deutsche Börse Foundation Prize 2018 | Disphotic

This review concerns The Deutsche Börse Foundation Prize hosted at The Photographers Gallery in London, a competition which I have written about many times before, and which I make no bones about having very mixed feeling about it, both because of the sponsor, and because of what I feel is the generally unhealthy effect that prizes often have on the creative fields

Why Did Garry Winogrand Photograph That? – The New York Times

Thirty-four years after his death, Garry Winogrand’s photographs continue to charm, befuddle and amaze viewers. A new book, “The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand,” takes 100 photos and pairs each with an essay by Geoff Dyer. The experience was daunting, especially sifting through the stream of images shot in his prolific final years. But it was also quite the revelation. Jordan Teicher spoke with Mr. Dyer about the book, which was published by the University of Texas Press. Their conversation has been edited.

How Tech Disrupted Photography and Made Things ‘Awful’ for News Photogs

The photojournalism industry has undergone seismic shifts over the past couple of decades with photography’s move to digital and the rise of the smartphone camera. The business intelligence firm L2 recently sat down with veteran photojournalist Rick Smolan to chat about how tech has disrupted photography.

Unknown Soviet photographer left a huge cache of photos behind when she died

Born in 1942, Masha Ivashintsova was a photographer based in Leningrad who, when she died in 2000, left over 30,000 photographs that she never showed to anyone, not even her family.

Sinclair withdraws $25,000 donation to NPPA | Poynter

NPPA joined a chorus of critics, including the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalists, who raised concerns about Sinclair’s “news promotion.”

15 Events Not to Miss at the 10th Anniversary Edition of MOPLA – Feature Shoot

The 10 Anniversary Edition of the Month of Photography Los Angeles has arrived! Since 2009, MOPLA by the Lucie Foundation has been a premiere destination for photographers, collectors, curators, and editors, bringing together exhibitions, projections, and discussions featuring some of the world’s most influential voices. The month-long event includes something for everyone, from classic photography buffs to Instagram influencers. With a focus on everything from fine art to commercial photography, MOPLA is one of the biggest events of the year, and the 10th Anniversary Edition promises to be one of the best ever.

Inside the world of work – The Leica Camera Blog

Maxime Fossat documents labor conditions in Madagascar with the Leica M-P

Photographer Nicholas Nixon Crossed the Line: Former Students

Renowned photographer Nicholas Nixon has abruptly retired from his position as a professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) following allegations from multiple students that his behavior crossed the line from provocative art to inappropriate sexual harassment.

Shin Noguchi: Something Here | LENSCRATCH

With camera in hand, photographer Shin Noguchi navigates through Japan’s bustling cities while observing others who are simply going about their everyday lives. Through patience, careful framing, and a click of the shutter, he creates photographs that appear more like constructed scenes—compositions within chaos. His subjects feel fully integrated, yet strangely detached from their surroundings. They are performing tasks that perhaps they themselves will forget instantaneously. They are caught in moments of pause and action. They are unaware of being examined and that significance is being given to their menial activities. Through his images, Shin is reminding us of the understated richness of the quotidian, and that complexity can be arranged by simply waiting to see.

Allison Stewart: Bug Out Bag: The Commodification of American Fear | LENSCRATCH

Allison Stewart first shared her project, Bug Out Bag: The Commodification of American Fear, with me at Photolucida last year and I recently had a chance to see it again during at a SXSE Workshop in Georgia. The project is an incredible portrait of our reaction to uncertain times, whether stemming from gun violence or mother nature. How do we prepare for our fears–what do we need to survive? A gun? Food? Marijuana? Allison has a terrific new book, under the same title, that will be featured at the upcoming Month of Photography Los Angeles Photo Book Exhibition, on Sunday, April 8th from 4- 7pm, along with the Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation Photo Book Awards. Both events take place at Venice Arts, and will run through April 27, 2018. Allison will also have work in the Portraits at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas, jurored by Alyssa Coppelman and the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Juried Exhibition 2018, July 28 – September 16, 2018.  Jurors:  Jonathan Griffin, art critic; Jamillah James, Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; and Steven Nelson, Professor of African and African American Art History, UCLA.