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Hasselblad X1D II 50C is a Faster and Cheaper Medium Format Mirrorless

Hasselblad today announced the new X1D II 50C medium format mirrorless camera, a followup to the X1D, which became the world’s first compact medium format mirrorless camera when it was unveiled back in 2016.

News photo editor Guy Reynolds battled cancer, depression but never lost ‘the eye of an artist’ | Obituaries | Dallas News

When Guy Reynolds was at his best, he was a creative force — a gifted photographer with a quirky eye.

An insider look at Kurdistan’s fight against ISIS

Photographer Joey L. has been embedded with Kurdish guerrilla groups for years, capturing the human side of a fast-evolving conflict.

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Celebrating “The Sweet Flypaper of Life” in Roy DeCarava’s Centennial Year – Feature Shoot

“We’ve had so many books about how bad life is, maybe it’s time to have one showing how good it is,” Langston Hughes said of The Sweet Flypaper of Life, his landmark art book collaboration with Roy DeCarava recently republished by David Zwirner Books.

Photographer Tom Fox on encounter with Dallas gunman: ‘He’s going to look at me around that corner’ and shoot | Dallas | Dallas News

Veteran Dallas Morning News photojournalist Tom Fox said he thought he “was gone” when he hid in an alcove from a heavily armed masked man at the downtown federal courts building Monday morning.

‘Good morning, America’: The state of the union through the eyes of Magnum photographer Mark Power – The Washington Post

In “Good Morning, America,” published by GOST Books, Power offers a view, somewhat pessimistic, of a country he has found deeply divided as far back as the 1980s, when he made his first visit. “Its problems seemed then (and still do, only worse) to be so vast, so deep-rooted, like an enormous ball of twine that is slowly unraveling and impossible to stop,” he told In Sight. His photos, taken during various trips in America since 2012, highlight the incongruity of a country that stands at the top of the economic chain while also being home to increasingly larger pockets of inequalities.

Larry Torno – Life in the Midwest

It’s interesting to note that although it’s called “Life” in the Midwest, there is an obvious absence of humankind in these images. That’s  because the “life” I am referring to is not humanity, but rather, my observations made as I absorb my surroundings.

Adobe’s new AI tool automatically spots Photoshopped faces – The Verge

The world is becoming increasingly anxious about the spread of fake videos and pictures, and Adobe — a name synonymous with edited imagery — says it shares those concerns. Today, it’s sharing new research in collaboration with scientists from UC Berkeley that uses machine learning to automatically detect when images of faces have been manipulated.

Thoughts about Deepfakes – Thoughts of a Bohemian

Certified trust will soon become the most important value for visual content. Trust that images or videos are not altered in any way that could deceive the viewer. No fake images or montage, no biased alterations. By imposing accountability, the lines between deception and truthfulness would be clearly defined. And moral responsibility reestablish. That is the only way to combat deepfakes.

The Winning Photos of the 2019 Nat Geo Travel Photo Contest

National Geographic has announced the winners of its 2019 Travel Photo Contest. Photographer Weimin Chu won the $7,500 grand prize for his Cities photo “Greenlandic Winter,” which shows the fishing village of Upernavik in Greenland.

How this Syrian filmmaker captured war first-hand

When civil war broke out in Syria, Waad Al-Kateab picked up the camera – and didn’t put it down. The resulting documentary, co-directed with Edward Watts, humanises a conflict most of us only know through statistics.

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Photographer Stephen Dupont looks back – a picture essay | Art and design | The Guardian

The renowned Australian photographer chooses 10 of his most memorable images and explains why they had an impact. He is talking at Aperture, the southern hemisphere’s largest photography conference, held from 22 to 23 June in Sydney

This is How Hong Kong Photojournalist Are Protesting Police Actions

Hong Kong police held a press conference yesterday to discuss the anti-extradition bill protests that have been raging this week. Photojournalists showed up to the presser wearing helmets, gas masks, and safety vests in protest of the excessive force they say police have been using against them.

“I’m an Outsider on the Inside”: An Interview with Bruce Davidson | The New Yorker

The photographer Bruce Davidson, who is eighty-five years old, has lived with his wife, Emily, in a rambling apartment on the Upper West Side for the past five decades. It is appointed with broken-in chairs and couches, an impressive folk-art collection, and has an extra bedroom, to accommodate visits from their four grandchildren. A bathroom has been transformed into a darkroom, complete with a custom-made Leitz enlarger and a fibre print washer installed in the claw-foot tub. An archive of Davidson’s prints and negatives are housed throughout the apartment in floor-to-ceiling shelving.

Photo Wake-up AI turns still photos of humans into living beings

It’s one more crack in the fabric of reality as we know it: Researchers at the University of Washington and Facebook have described their work on software that can take any image containing a human body—whether in a painting or a photograph—and automatically create an animated character that walks through the still image.

Appropriately, they call it Photo Wake-Up.

Jason Lee: Oklahoma | LENSCRATCH

Some months ago, I had the pleasure to be in conversation with photographer/actor Jason Lee at Arcana Books about his sold-out monograph, A Plain View. The book is a beautiful tribute to the genre of the Road Trip, his work reflects months on the road in Texas with his Graflex Speed Graphic view camera. The book is comprised of color photographs made throughout Texas over the course of 25 days between January and April of 2017 using expired Kodak 4×5 color films.

Muhammad Hidayat – The Sounds Of Dream « burn magazine

In that dream they came like shadows, voices, songs, light and gasp, they were so close, even closer than the clothes I wore. I felt like I was back to the beginning where I was walking alone in the middle of a crowd and felt cold in the middle of the blazing heat. Those dreams were so real and so clear that it made me constantly think about them.

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