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2019 Lenscratch Student Prize: First Place: Guanyu Xu | LENSCRATCH

It is with great excitement that we honor Guanyu Xu, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, MFA – 2019, with First Place in the 2019 Lenscratch Student Awards. As the winner, he will receive a $1000 Cash Award and a feature on Lenscratch, a year long mentorship with Aline Smithson, a THINK TANK camera bag, a $500 Gift Certificate towards a Los Angeles Center of Photography Workshop, a $500 Gift Certificate towards a Santa Fe Photo Workshop, a $500 Gift Certificate from Freestyle Photo Supplies a mini exhibition on the Curated Fridge, a collection of books from Yoffy Press, a collection of books from Kris Graves Projects, a Supporting Level membership with CENTER, plus a listing online and a consult with Angie Rizzo, a Lenscratch T-Shirt and tote. Thank you so much to our sponsors and to our jurors: Aline Smithson, Shawn Bush, Daniel George, Sarah Stankey, Drew Nikonowicz, Brennan Booker, and Julia Bennett.

Major CASE Act Copyright Legislation Passed by Senate Judiciary Committee

This is a major step forward for the copyright legislation, which was introduced by a bi-partisan group of senators from Louisiana, North Carolina, Illinois and Hawaii. As of now, defending your copyrights means taking your case to federal court—a complicated and expensive proposition. If passed, the CASE Act would remedy this by establishing a small claims tribunal within the U.S. Copyright Office, making it much easier and cheaper to defend your copyrights in court.

“Food is the new rock’n’roll”! We interviewed legendary music photographer and cook extraordinaire, Kerstin Rodgers – Feature Shoot

If you like music, it’s very likely that you’ve seen the work of Kerstin Rodgers, one of the prime documentarians of the punk scene in London and one of the most influential rock’n’roll photographers of all time.

2019 Audubon Photography Awards – The Atlantic

The winners of the the tenth annual Audubon Photography Awards competition have just been announced.  Photographers entered images in four categories: professional, amateur, youth, and plants for birds. More than 8,000 images depicting birdlife from all 50 states  and 10 Canadian provinces were judged. The National Audubon Society was again kind enough to share some of this year’s winners and runners-up with us below. You can also see all of the top 100 entries at the Audubon website.

New Guide! The Photographer’s Guide to Branding and Marketing in a Distracted World – PhotoShelter Blog

The Photographer’s Guide to Branding and Marketing in a Distracted World will give you the strategies, tips and advice you need to get ahead in a competitive landscape that rewards the unique and memorable. Inside, you’ll find:

Women Photograph Announces 2019 Grantees | PDNPulse

Iman Al-Dabbagh, Shaima Al Tamimi, Sophia Nahli Allison, Marie Hald, and Annie Tritt have won the 2019 Women Photograph + Nikon Grants of $5,000 each, while Koral Carballo has won the $10,000 Women Photograph + Getty Images Grant. Women Photograph announced the winners this week.

Sony Unveils a7R IV: The World’s First 61MP Full-Frame Camera

During a live presentation in New York City this morning, Sony revealed its latest full-frame mirrorless camera, breaking new ground in this ever-more crowded market with the Sony a7R IV: the world’s first 61MP full-frame camera, with a burst speed of up to 10fps, and a reported 15 stops of dynamic range.

Why I Got Rid of My Photography Gear, Revisited

I stopped using all my gear. I put away the Broncolor lighting and all the beautiful Canon glass and picked up a rangefinder. I needed a simpler process, a guide, a set of basic rules that I could bend and push my creativity against. Abundance is the death of creativity, so I chose one camera, one lens, and one process. My photography gear dwindled down to this and nothing else:


These videos come from YouTube. They were uploaded in the last week and have titles like DSC 1234 and IMG 4321. They have almost zero previous views. They are unnamed, unedited, and unseen (by anyone but you).

Juxtapoz Magazine – Taken From Memory: 25 Years of Photographs by Sheron Rupp

Taken From Memory is the result of a 25-year long-time project by American photographer Sheron Rupp. Searching for connections to her own biographical past, Rupp took these photographs in rural America looking to find a piece of someone elses life to give her a sense of belonging.

Denis Defibaugh: North by Nuuk, Greenland after Kent | LENSCRATCH

Projects featured over the next several days were selected from our most recent call-for-submissions. I was able to interview each of these individuals to gain further insight into the bodies of work they shared. Today, we are looking at the series North by Nuuk, Greenland after Kent, by Denis Defibaugh.

Tiananmen Square 30 years ago with the Nikon F-801 (the fifth view of the “Tank Man”) – Nikon Rumors

Thirty years ago this week I left China after what was intended to be a week-long stay in Beijing had stretched to 59 days. As a reporter for The Associated Press based in Tokyo, I had gone to Beijing to help with the coverage of the state visit to China by Mikhail Gorbachev, leader of the then Soviet Union. But that assignment quickly morphed from covering the historic mending of the three-decade-old Sino-Soviet split to the AP’s 24/7 reporting from Tiananmen Square covering the student-led protests that culminated in the Chinese army’s violent assault on the demonstrators in the square.

America Used to Promote Photojournalism. Now It Bans It.

Julia Le Duc’s already iconic photograph of a dead father and daughter on the Rio Grande is the latest reminder of how essential photographers are to democracy.

Steve Davis – Pride in America

Pride in America is a loose-knit series of images taken from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1980’s. Most of the images were created in northern Idaho by a young man bent on chronicling his friends and events.  We were the Idaho punk pioneers, or so we thought.  We have mostly gone our own ways since then.  The initial impetus of this series was for no reason other than to share with some of the subjects captured, but I hope others might relate to the people and era I present in this work.

Dan Eldon and the power of creative activism

On July 12 1993, the photographer and artist was killed while covering the humanitarian crisis in Somalia. So what can we learn from his legacy?

Hannes Jung – How is life? « burn magazine

My story “How is Life?” is not just about photography. I worked together with the protagonists and asked them to write down their personal story. These statements (see the captions) are an essential part of this project.

I photograph life not death because death cannot be seen. Maybe you can’t take pictures of the wind. But you could try to catch the consequences of the wind, bending trees and rolling waves.

A Crime Scene at the Border – The New York Times

On Tuesday, June 25, Rosa Ramírez was filmed at home in San Martín, El Salvador. Ramírez stands by a doorway in a small interior. She is distraught, and her large brown eyes glisten in the glare of camera lights.

“The last message he sent me was Saturday. He said, ‘Mama, I love you.’ He said, ‘Take care of yourselves because we are fine here.’ ”

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