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Oh man, if only I were very, very rich. To have a full-frame professional SLR, the joy! So it looks like the upcoming 5D Mk II is going to be an interesting camera. Its detail retention at 12800 ISO is supposed to be equal to the previous 5D’s at 3200, which is fantastic and represents nearly a 2-stop advantage. This means sharper, clearer pictures at higher shutter speeds in lower light — the holy grail of sports and nature photographers.

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Welcome to Shoot! The Blog. I am going to be taking the reins of this thing. I’m Rachel Hulin, and I’ve been primarily a photo editor for the past several years. Most notably, I worked at Rolling Stone online and I’m also a photographer, which is, of course, the refrain of so many PEs. I worked at the International Center of Photography for several years after grad school before moving on to editing.

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Yoon S. Byun scored a great hit with his new photo column that he started with the Boston Globe featuring the words of readers and corresponding portraits set in a clean site that has a comfortable feel and a welcoming look

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YouTube has just flung its doors wide open to both developers and users with a powerful new batch of interactive tools. While the online video service already allows anyone to upload and embed videos, these new tools enable uploading, editing metadata, and other customization from outside the site.

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Three people upset that a news crew was reporting on the arrest of a relative attacked the television reporter and yelled racial slurs at her and a photographer, authorities said Tuesday.

The family members, all white, began yelling and charged at black WSPA-TV reporter Charmayne Brown while she was standing in the street near the family’s home in Union, said news director Alex Bongiorno.

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Hats off to Luis Vasconcelos for this powerful picture.

The caption says, “An indigenous woman holds her child while trying to resist the advance of Amazonas state policemen who were expelling the woman and some 200 other members of the Landless Movement from a privately-owned tract of land on the outskirts of Manaus, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon March 11, 2008. The landless peasants tried in vain to resist the eviction with bows and arrows against police using tear gas and trained dogs. REUTERS/Luiz Vasconcelos-A Critica/AE (BRAZIL)”.

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“There has been much recent speculation concerning the M8, but we can confirm that the current design remains our most important product for 2008/9. As ownership increases, users seem to really appreciate that it is a faithful reproduction of a true classic M, but in digital form.” Says David Bell (Managing Director, Leica Camera Ltd., UK).

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Now you can bask in the spotlight of your very own red carpet experience, without the indignity of having yourself splattered across the brain-numbing pages of fatuous magazines. These nine members of the worlds snapping media come complete with the ethical and moral depth of an earthworm, are blissfully mute, and will make you feel as adored and sought-after as you no doubt should be. Become a legend in your own lunchtime, a super-star in your sitting room, or a diva at your desk. And best of all, if the paparazzi get on your nerves, you can satisfyingly stamp on ’em without fear of them whimpering off to file a suit against you. Fame without any of the drawbacks.

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At the time, sectarian riots were raging over the partition of the subcontinent into India and Pakistan, and the men of Singh’s family decided it was better to kill the women than have them fall into the hands of Muslim mobs.

“None of the women protested, nobody wept,” Singh, 78, recalled as he stroked his long, flowing white beard, his voice slipping into a whisper. “All I could hear was the sound of prayer and the swing of the sword going down on their necks. My story can fill a book.”

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Can be found at (here)… someday… maybe. For now it’s got contacts for a handful of magazines, but since it’s a wiki anybody can add and make changes so eventually it really could contain all the contact info, book drop information, submission guidelines and anything else that might be useful to photographers for every media company in the world.

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Talks between news agencies and Major League Baseball appear to be moving toward a compromise about new credentialing guidelines, according to people on both sides of negotiations.

MLB has backed down from a ban on all online galleries of baseball game photos. Under a proposed revision to the rules, news agencies that regularly cover a team will be able to post photo galleries of up to 15 photos a day. Exceptions would be made in some cases, such as photo galleries connected directly to a story and galleries covering special events or historic milestones.

John Cherwa, an Orlando Sentinel editor and sports coordinator for the Tribune newspaper chain, called the change “a big and gracious concession on their part.”

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They call him the father of Canadian photojournalism.

The title is a heavy one, but Ted Grant lives up to it. In 1968 he was the only photographer to capture Pierre Trudeau sliding down a bannister at the Chateau Laurier during the Liberal leadership convention. An image which now partially defines the late prime minister’s demeanour: calm and cool amidst the stuffy world of politics.

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I have a confession to make.

When I’m on an airplane, and the flight attendant tells everyone to turn off their cell phones and personal electronics, I never turn my iPhone off. I just leave it on. I’m not sure why I don’t turn it off. Probably because I’ve never seen any compelling evidence on how cell phones in the on position affect flight safety in any way shape or form. And since I have a natural bent to buck against the system, in light of no empirical evidence, I tend to disregard and dismiss authority.

Same thing goes for the gas station. When I see that little sign that says to turn off my cell phone, I don’t do it. I leave it on. I even talk on it while I’m pumping my gas.

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Magnum shooter Paolo Pellegrin describes how he dealt with the challenges of photojournalism at Guantanamo.

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Five years was about how long Lori Grinker thought it would take document the stories of former soldiers; she was only off by a decade.

Afterwar: Veterans from a World in Conflict (de.MO), a 248-page collection of intimate color portraits and searing first-person accounts of postwar existence was published in March, 2005 — 15 years and 30 countries after she began the photographic odyssey.

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Joseph Spina has posted several videos on YouTube showing him giving a Nikon D3 a real working over

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But fans of, take heart. That site may be finished, but the multimedia community is far too big and resilient to die at the hands of hackers. Andrew DeVigal is about to re-launch Interactive Narratives, a multimedia resource site that went dormant a couple of years ago when DeVigal joined The New York Times as a multimedia producer. 

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Daniel Berman was the big winner Sunday as Sports Shooter Academy V wrapped up in Southern California, winning photo of the day for Saturday and taking home best student portfolio honors.

Other winners were Jesse Smith for photo of the day for Friday and Willie Allen Jr.’s portfolio was selected as tops among the professionals participating in the workshop.

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There have been many books that follow in the tradition of the Düsseldorf School of typologies that I just find boring. In fact, I even have a hard time looking through an entire book of the Bechers themselves when it is entirely made up of one of their subjects. Like many other genres of photography, their conceptual tendencies seemed to lead to a whole generation of photographers that would simply pick their typology and plug in the information. Of course one needs to make interesting photographs but the makers seem to say, “I’m going to photograph X” and then their job is to photograph “X” 200 times. Within this framework is common for these bodies of work to be a bit more interesting conceptually than visually which is why I was surprised to like Frank Breuer’s book Poles as much as I do.

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